Children’s updates from week commencing 11th May

Glory has been doing lots of pictures and activities on Mini mash.

Jamie has been practising rhyming words, he’s now thinking of all sorts of rhyming words and loves to ask ‘does that rhyme?’. He enjoyed the work on The Bad Tempered Ladybird, he placed the animals in order around a clock
He has been looking at shapes & repeating patterns & making dinosaurs out of different shapes, working steadily through a Get Ready For School book & his letter formation is really improving.
He is loving his maths working out addition & subtraction sums, his number recognition & formation has improved leaps & bounds too. He’s also enjoyed lots of construction time and puzzles!

Joey has been making clay animals from a jungle book and playing a shape game. He has to fit the shapes in the correct whole before the timer runs out and they all pop out.
He played ‘the floor is lava!’ with phonic letters. They had to guess the correct phonic sound or the tickle monster got them!

Archie has taken a massive interest in drawing, lately it’s all he wants to do. This is his picture he has done of sonic the hedgehog , he is very proud of himself!