Children’s updates this half term

Here is a selection of what Nursery children have been doing during this half term.

“Cianna has been learning about space and all the planets. We watched the Space X launch and we recreated a part of Whatever Next!”

“We have been practicing writing uppercase and lowercase letters.”

“I laid out some words that I read out and Cianna had to find the picture that matches.”

Jamie has been doing some maths, rolling a dice and counting the dots. “We had fun making our own bars of soap & learning how to use the microwave in the process!!”

“Joey joined in with Lillys work this week as we discovered the five senses we use:
We used a blindfold to guess the taste. Joey then spun round and I moved to another area of the room and whistled and he had to find me using his sense of hearing.
He then had to guess what he was holding using his sense of touch
He had to draw shapes without using his sense of sight.
And he had to guess the smell.
He loved it!”

Some art and craft activities

Enjoying bubble printing to create a space picture

Growing sunflowers and fishing!

Phonics games!

Space picture of the planets

Noah made a fishing book with some beautiful pictures and writing – well done on your You can Toucan Award!