Easter holidays

Hi Nursery children and families,

Today is the first day of the Easter holidays; although it does seem strange as the school has already been closed for 2 weeks! I won’t be suggesting activities for you every day over the holidays, instead I have a few ideas that you could do over the next fortnight as an Easter project – whenever it suits you.

You could:
Make an Easter card to send to someone.
Make a Cross out of any recycled or natural materials you can find!
Draw a picture of how you celebrate Easter or what you get up to over the holidays.
Do something else of your choice!

I would love to see any photos or pictures, please send them to me at the Nursery email address: nursery@standrews323.herts.sch.uk

It is important to keep as active as you can for your health and wellbeing, you can access Go Noodle or Cosmic Yoga if you wish.
Remember you have mini mash to explore and a list of suggested rhyming books. Keep counting, singing, reading and having fun! Most importantly, stay safe, keep well and look after each other.
Happy Easter!

Miss Bowie