January update 2020

Each session is an exciting opportunity for our youngest children to learn and develop. Our children are provided with varied child initiated learning opportunities as well as short adult led activities. The children are encouraged and supported to develop their peer relationships and to play cooperatively with other.

Their day begins with our early morning activities, such as cutting, threading and construction which focus on strengthening children’s fine motor skills

Our phonics teaching this term will cover a range of Phase 1 activities; including listening to rhythm and rhyme in familiar stories, songs and Nursery rhymes. The literacy focus will be Traditional Tales, children will be able to act out the stories, retell them and join in with the repeated refrains. We visit our new library regularly for story time sessions, individual reading and to choose a library book to take home.

Our maths sessions will include lots of practical resources so that children can explore concepts of number. Children will practise counting on a daily basis and be encouraged to use mathematical language at any opportunity during play. We will also continue to have Superstar Sports providing PE sessions where our children will learn a variety of skills through fun and engaging games and activities and we will continue to do yoga and mindfulness sessions regularly.

We also often make use of the outdoor areas at school; going for nature walks, visiting Coppins Corner and our Forest School area.