Nursery children’s photos and news

Harriet has been keeping active doing the Joe Wicks workouts, practising her numbers and letters and going for walks. For an Easter project she made a cardboard house for her Chelsea doll. Amazing concentration Harriet!

Hudson did a little Spring project, he went on a walk, collected some Spring things and made a beautiful picture. Well done Hudson!

Archie has been going for lots of walks and he discovered a bee farm! He has been working hard at learning to ride his bike. He has also been practising his writing. Great work Archie!

Skye has been playing in the garden, doing some crafts and practising her writing. Well done Skye!

Joey has also been playing in the garden, as well as making salt dough, doing cosmic yoga and learning the alphabet. Great work Joey!

Jamie has been busy doing a range of activities, (see photos below) he has also learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers! Fantastic achievement, well done Jamie!