Nursery learning this half term

Hello Nursery parents and carers,

I hope you are all keeping well and had a good half term week. I have been busy preparing for reopening Nursery in as safe a way as possible, it was lovely to see some of you again on Monday and Tuesday! I will still be responding to any queries via the Nursery email address, so please feel free to ask any questions or keep me updated with how you and your families are doing.

Now that Nursery has reopened, I will be changing how I will be posting on this class blog for this half term. I will post information about the theme for each week – based on a book, as well as phonics learning. I will share the planning for the 2 mornings that Nursery is open, this will be taught to the children when they are in – either on Mondays and Tuesdays with me, or Thursdays and Fridays with Mrs Trevett. I will also post some further ideas that you may want to continue with. If your child is not coming in to Nursery you are welcome to use any of these ideas for your child’s home learning if you wish. It is completely up to you what you do and how much of it, the important thing is to go with your child’s interests and do what is suitable for their level and ability.

This half term we are focusing on learning our letters and sounds and we will learn 2 sounds per week, following the order in the Letters and Sounds programme. Each phonics lesson plan has the same structure as each sound is taught in the same way. We use the Jolly phonics songs to support their learning.

This week’s learning:


This week our story is ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. Below is a link to the story on you tube you can watch. In Nursery we will be reading the book together to introduce our topic of Space.
We will also be acting out the story using our imagination – putting on pretend space boots and helmets, and taking off into the sky in our rocket!
Here is the link:


We will be singing the songs: ‘5 little men in a flying saucer’ (see links below) and practising our counting.
We will be using some shapes or construction toys to build a rocket or a space scene,talking about the shapes and sizes as the children build.


We will sing ‘Zoom zoom zoom’ and the solar system song – listen to the song and learn about the planets, which planet do we live on?! (See links below).
We will be asking children what they would like to find out about: On Monday and Tuesday we used Google to find images of the moon and of the solar system and we watched videos of rockets taking off.
We will be doing a ‘Cosmic yoga’ – space adventure ( see link below)
We will use the internet to do some research about astronauts and look at a picture of an astronaut to see what they wear, and learn about what they do.


Phonics lesson 1: the first sound we are learning is ‘s’ this will be taught on Monday / Thursday.
Watch the jolly phonics song video – see link below (from 5 minutes 5 seconds).
Look at the letter S and say the sound ‘s’.
Listen to the song then join in with the words, do the action (weave your hand in an ‘s’ shape like a snake and say ‘s’.
Then use your finger to draw a big S in the air in front of you, as you say the Read Write Inc ditty for the letter S : ‘slither down the snake’
Then write a ‘s’ on the floor, then a little ‘s’ on your hand (saying the words to the ditty as you do this).
Can you think of any words that start with the sound ‘s’?

Phonics lesson 2: The second sound is ‘a’ this will be taught on Tuesday / Friday.
Recap on the sound learnt yesterday (s) and sing the jolly phonics song for ‘s’.
Introduce the second sound ‘a’. Do the same as in lesson 1 but for the sound ‘a’. (first sound in the Jolly phonics songs video)
Look at the letter and say the sound ‘a’. Listen to the song then join in with the words, do the action: ‘Wiggle your fingers on your arm as if ants are crawling on your arm as you say ‘a’.’
Say the words to the letter ‘a’ ditty: ‘around the apple and down the leaf’ as you trace the letter shape in the air, on the floor, on your hand.
Think of words or names that start with the sound ‘a’.


Whatever Next story(audio book)

Cosmic yoga

Zoom zoom zoom:

5 little men:

Solar system song:

Jolly phonics songs. S is from 5minutes, a is 1st

I hope this is useful for you and you enjoy learning about our new topic Space!

Take care,

Miss Bowie