Nursery learning week 2

Hi Nursery, parents and carers,

How are you all? Hope you are all well. Thank you for your email updates, I will post some of them later!

Our learning this week will continue to be around the topic of Space and the book ‘Whatever Next’. Here is some information about what we are doing in Nursery and some ideas you may like to use at home.

In Nursery the children are:
Retelling the story ‘Whatever Next’, using the pictures to help them.
Researching Space, using the internet to find out information and to google images of space.
Listening to songs and watching videos about the Solar System to find out about the planets.
Cutting coloured paper (eg circles for planets / sun / moon etc) and sticking on black paper to create pictures of Space.
Finding out about the different parts of a rocket and drawing pictures of a rocket, spacemen, stars etc.
Singing 5 little men in a flying saucer, talking about how many have flown away each time, using the language of 1 more.
Comparing 2 groups of objects and saying if there are the same amount in each group – Using toy people or spacemen and putting them in 2 groups and counting them to see if there are the same number, initially up to a maximum of 5 in a group, then increase the number when children feel confident.
Counting down from 10 to 0 then blasting off pretending to be a rocket!
Doing a movement session including: pretending to be a rocket, crouching down then standing and jumping to take off and fly into Space; pretending to be an astronaut and taking giant space leaps very slowly around the moon; pretending to be a planet, spinning slowly around in a circle.

Maybe you have some information books at home you can use to learn a fact about Space! It is such a fascinating topic, I hope it sparks the children’s interest and curiosity!

Recapping on the sounds we have already learnt (s and a), asking children if they can remember the Jolly Phonics song and action for the sounds and practise writing the letters.
Learning new sounds t and p:
Singing the Jolly phonics songs (See the link) and doing the actions:( t: turn your head from side to side as if you were watching tennis) (p: Hold up your finger as if its a candle and pretend to puff it out)
Practise writing the letters with their finger( or a stick / magic wand!) in the air, on the floor, on their hand, whilst saying the ditty: t: down the tower across the tower. p:down the pirates plait and around his face.
Thinking of names or words that start with that sound.
Sounding out some CVC words using the sounds they have learnt such as: sat, tap, pat
Model saying the sounds in CVC words separately, then saying them more quickly as you are blending them together, then saying the word.

I hope this makes sense, please email me if you have any questions.

Take care and I hope you all have a good week!

Miss Bowie