Nursery learning week 3

Hi Nursery children and families,

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

This week at Nursery we have been continuing our Space topic, please feel free to use any of the ideas below or extend on them in your own way at home.

We have been painting planets and many of the other things in the Solar system. We have created rockets using recycled materials.

We read the story ‘Aliens love underpants’. We then designed our own ‘Crazy Alien’ using different shapes for its head and body, counting how many eyes, arms, legs, etc it had!

For Literacy we have been learning about ‘Information books’ explaining how they are different to story books. We looked at a range of non-fiction books about Space to find out facts and shared our favourite pictures with each other.
We have been practising our letter formation for the sounds we are learning as well as writing our name and numbers.

We went over the sounds we have already learnt, remembering the song, action and ditty for how to write the letter.
We learnt the songs and actions for the new sounds ‘i’ and ‘n’ . The ditty for i is: ‘down the body and dot for the head’, n is: ‘down nobby and over his net’.
We have been thinking of things or names starting with ‘i’ or ‘n’.
Sound talk some words with the sounds that we have learnt eg pin tin sin tan pan nap sit pit tip sip sat tap pat
You could continue this learning using the Phonics Play website – accessing the games in Phase 2 – ‘Grab a giggling grapheme’ selecting – satp sounds or the game ‘Buried treasure’.

Maths: We have been measuring and comparing 2 objects (we used the rockets we made) and used the language of tall/ long and short to describe them.
Topmarks website has some Early Years resources and games. We chose a game to compare sizes.

Remember to keep active with some exercise, ideally outside if you can, and we have used Go Noodle and Cosmic Yoga!
You can use Mini mash, I have pinned the Space topic for you to access.
Feel free to get creative and think of other ideas! Perhaps you could create some space music or alien sounds!
Please do keep me updated with what you are getting up to.
Have fun and enjoy your home learning!

Miss Bowie