Nursery learning week 6

Hello Nursery children and families,

Hope you are all well. I am looking forward to seeing some of you on Zoom this afternoon! Please return your consent forms if you would like to join in the Zoom sessions. I will organise the final Nursery Zoom next Wednesday 15th July.

This week at Nursery we have started our topic about dinosaurs! Here is some information on what I have been doing with my Monday-Tuesday ‘island group’, Mrs Trevett will be doing the same with her Thursday-Friday ‘island group’. Please feel free to use any of the ideas below or extend on them in your own way at home.

We read the story ‘Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs’. We have been drawing pictures and doing paintings of our favourite dinosaurs.
We looked at some dinosaur information books to find out more about dinosaurs, such as the names of various dinosaurs, what they ate, whether they could fly or swim etc.
We have continued practising our letter formation for the sounds we are learning as well as writing our name and numbers.

We have been recalling the sounds we have already learnt; remembering the song, action and ditty for how to write each letter.
We learnt the songs and actions for the new sounds c and k
The ‘Read Write Inc’ ditty for c is: ‘curl around the caterpillar’
The ditty for k is: ‘down the kangaroos body, tail and leg’
We have been thinking of things or names starting with the sounds c or k
I have been sound-talking some CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the sounds that we have learnt and blending them together to see if the children can hear the word. We have also been saying a CVC word and then listening to what sounds we can hear in the word and segmenting it into each sound.
You could continue this learning using the Phonics Play website – accessing the games in Phase 2 (selecting sounds learnt).

We did a tally chart about our favourite dinosaur, each child voted for their favourite and we added up the totals to see which was the most popular.
We have used different words to describe the size of dinosaurs such as gigantic and enormous!
We have been singing dinosaur counting songs, such as 10 little dinosaurs.

We have continued thinking of kind things to say to each other to make us feel happy and remembering how to be a good friend.
You could start a gratitude diary, each day thinking of three things that you are thankful for. You could just talk about these things, or write them down in a diary, or even write them on post its and put them up on the fridge or somewhere at home.

Physical Development:
We have done some Cosmic Yoga about dinosaurs and Go Noodle dances.
We have also played some active games in the garden.
You could practise throwing and catching a ball or moving in different ways – perhaps like different dinosaurs!

We have done various art and craft activities around the dinosaur theme, or children have chosen their own theme based on their interests.

I do hope some of these ideas are useful. Remember to keep reading and sharing books at home, you can also use Mini mash, I have pinned the topics: ‘Baby Animals’, ‘Vets’, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Under the Sea’for you to access.

During CIL time in the garden the Monday – Tuesday island group have been playing imaginative games involving emergencies requiring police and ambulances! We hope to extend on this next week, thinking about People who help us such as emergency service staff and thinking of the job roles of those people.

If you have any school reading books or library books at home please return them, we will have a box by the Nursery door for you to put them in.

Learning Journals will be given out next week. If your child is in Nursery please bring a plastic bag at pick up time and we will put their Learning Journal in there and any pictures or work done at school this half term. Reports will be emailed to you this year.

Have a great week everyone. Enjoy your home learning!

Take care,

Miss Bowie