Week 5 Nursery Learning

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Hello Nursery children and families,

It was lovely to see some of you on Zoom yesterday! I will arrange some more Zoom meetings for next Wednesday, if you would like to join please return your consent forms

This week at Nursery we have continued our topic about animals! Here is some information on what I have been doing with my Monday-Tuesday ‘island group’, Mrs Trevett will be doing the same with her Thursday-Friday ‘island group’. Please feel free to use any of the ideas below or extend on them in your own way at home.
We have been using animal mask templates from the website ‘Twinkl’ which we have coloured and cut out then stuck lolly sticks on them so we can hold them up. Some children have been very creative and used paper plates to create their own animal masks. We have been thinking about which textures we can use for different animals and stuck on cotton wool, feathers, patterned paper or shiny paper to create our animals.

We read the story ‘Farmyard Hullaballoo’. We have been drawing pictures of our favourite animals, thinking about their colours and patterns and exploring animal print.
We talked about which animals are pets and looked at information books about how to look after them.
We have continued practising our letter formation for the sounds we are learning as well as writing our name and numbers.

We have been recalling the sounds we have already learnt; remembering the song, action and ditty for how to write each letter.
We learnt the songs and actions for the new sounds g and o
The ‘Read Write Inc’ ditty for g is: ‘ around the girls face, down her hair and give her a curl’
The ditty for o is: ‘all around the orange’
We have been thinking of things or names starting with the sounds g or o.
I have been sound-talking some CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the sounds that we have learnt and blending them together to see if the children can hear the word.
You could continue this learning using the Phonics Play website – accessing the games in Phase 2 – ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Dragons Den’ (selecting sounds learnt) or the game ‘Picnic on Pluto’.

We did a tally chart about our favourite type of animals – zoo animals or pet animals. Each child marked a tally on the chart under their favourite type of animal and we added up the totals to see which type of animal was the most popular.
We have continued talking about weight and used some balance scales to compare the weight of 2 objects and used the language of ‘heavy, light, heavier, lighter’ to describe them.

We have continued thinking of kind things to say to each other to make us feel happy and remembering how to be a good friend.
We have talked about the people we can ask for help or talk to if we are feeling sad. We used a ‘Helping Hand’ template, and drew a picture of the people who can help us (at home or at school) on each finger. On the palm we drew a picture of something that helps us feel happy, such as a pet, teddy or other comfort. I have added a link to this document at the top of this post in case you want to do it at home.

Physical Development:
We have done some Cosmic Yoga and Go Noodle as well as some active games in the garden.
Remember to keep healthy and active with some exercise every day if you can.
We experimented with moving like animals, using different ways to travel around the classroom.

Hope some of these ideas are useful, please let me know if you have any questions about anything.
Remember to keep reading at home, you can also use Mini mash, I have pinned the topics: ‘Baby Animals’, ‘Vets’, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Under the Sea’for you to access.

Have a great week everyone. Enjoy your home learning,

Miss Bowie