12th June 2020

Happy Friday Reception!

I just wanted to write a quick blog to really thank each and every one of you. The messages we have been receiving about the children have really made my heart feel full and I’m so pleased to hear every one is doing well.

To the children who have returned to school over the past two weeks, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Your behaviour and maturity have been outstanding! Mrs Gillingham and all the Reception Staff are incredibly proud of you.

To all of the children who are still at home with your adults, you’ve been so good at continuing your dedication to learning and for that you should be incredibly proud of yourselves.

Thank you to all the adults for your positivity and feedback over the past few weeks. We know it has not been easy for you either!

Overall, it has been an interesting time and I cannot thank you all enough. Keep up the amazing work and stay safe. We miss you all. Have a brilliant weekend and relax!

Miss Phillips 🙂