16th June 2020

Hello everyone!

Another positive start to the week from my group! I hope Mrs Felstead and Mrs Lovell have a positive end to the week! On Monday, a few of the children asked the question about what would happen if we put mentos and coke together. So we decided to make predictions to see what would happen and to what brand!

Pictures to follow tomorrow! Lets say the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were amazed with their predictions and the results!

OPTIONAL: A few of the children have mentioned about having snack and feeling hungry before and after lunch. I often convince them to leave a small snack from their lunchboxes for the afternoon in case they are hungry. Unfortunately, we cannot get a snack supply into school at the moment otherwise we would provide this as normal.  If you would like to send your child in with an additional snack, please do! All we ask is if you wouldn’t mind putting it in a sandwich bag with their names on!

Tomorrow I will write the weekly blog as normal with some potential ideas for you to look at over the next week!

All the Best!

Miss Phillips