21st May 2020

Good morning Reception,

Apologies for not putting a blog up yesterday! So far this week it has been very warm so please enjoy the outside as much as you can! Remember to wear your hats and suncream!

Mr Price and I would like you to keep focusing on using your phonics play and really listening to your sounds. Remember you can always re watch Mrs Felstead’s videos and listen to the songs by Jolly Phonics! Mr Price has also suggested to keep working on your posters for the school when you return.

When we return we are going to recap all our number work so please feel free to work on formation, simple sums, sequencing and ordering! If there is anything the children would like to focus on please feel free to let us know. Perhaps you can make a leaflet all about your numbers and what they might mean to you? When it comes to 4 and 5 you could write it is your age or maybe a sibling.

Enjoy the sunshine and have fun!

Miss Phillips 🙂