23rd April 2020

Good morning Reception,

I hope you’re all doing well and keeping fit and healthy! I know Mr Price has set you a really fun and interesting task all about animals!

I can see a lot of you are continuing with your purple mash activities and getting some really good scores. Well done and keep up the good work!

So, I was thinking about you guys potentially creating your own maths game. It can be number based, shape based you name it! You could even create a quiz for your siblings or carers at home all about your favourite thing (I know Mr Price and I love Marvel Films so it could be based on that) Some questions you might ask ‘How many superheroes are there?’ ‘How many Captain America films are there?’ and so on! This could take some time so could be a project over the next week?

Another idea I had was Science based. When at school myself, we had drawn around our own shadows at four points during the day. In the morning, just before lunch, after lunch and just near the end of the school day (obviously the time scale can vary!). It allows the children to see how the sun’s position changes throughout the day and often can lead to some really interesting questions. While the weather has been good I thought it would be a nice activity to do! You don’t have to do it with your own shadows but instead maybe a favourite toy as well?

Keep up the good work!

Miss Phillips