24th March 2020

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all well and keeping yourselves safe.

As you know Easter is only around the corner and as the weather is beautiful, I have found some really lovely ideas that the children can do whilst at home. I have listed some activities below, please feel free to adapt them where necessary!

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Sunshine.

Easter Egg Sensory Tray:

Using a shallow tray, children can create an Easter themed tray (or any based on interests) that can be used for small world and imaginative play. You can then add Easter Eggs, small chicks, bunnies etc. Children could also be encouraged to design and make their own characters and items to add. Let their imagination go wild! 

Easter Baking: 

Making Chocolate Easter Egg Nests with the children. This will offer lots of opportunities for them to read some words from recipes and ingredient lists as well as giving them opportunities to weigh, measure and observe how the ingredients change them they are mixed together. Some children may also want to jot down some observations they may see!

Chocolate Play Dough:

This idea does not only sound delicious but it’s also a good sensory tool! The children can play and create characters and get lost in a world of imaginative play! All you need is to add some cocoa powder to an at home recipe for play dough. This activity can not only boost imaginative play but can also link to maths activities such as; discussing length and width, counting etc. Here is a play dough recipe I have found online.

Designing an Easter Egg:

Cut out a large Easter Egg shape onto some card/cardboard/paper and allow the children to create their own design using their choice of resource. This may include; painting, pens, cutting and sticking etc. If you are using paints, it may be a good idea to use some cotton buds or the ends of pencils as this can help work on fine motor skills for the children. 

If the children have completed any of these activities and wish to share them with either Mr Price or Myself, you can send us some images using our class email! I look forward to seeing some beautiful designs and imaginative trays!