26th March 2020

Hello again Reception,

I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy! Mr Price and I have seen and heard some wonderful things about your learning and we’re very happy to see you’re doing well.

I have had some inspiration from Disney/Pixar and always wondered what my teddy’s might have done if they came alive during the night. I thought it would be a nice way to encourage the children to have a go at writing a question (with support and using their phonics). I then thought hmm… what if the toy responds… that’s where the parents come in!

I would love to hear about what questions the children asked their favourite toy/teddy. Some of them might be along the lines of; What do you eat? What do you play? What do you do at night? I may even leave a question for my teddy to have a look at too and post their response next week.

I will keep browsing the class email address in hopes to read some brilliant questions and the responses! If you are happy to share any photos and would like them to be used on the website underneath any blog posts please feel free to let us know!

Miss Phillips