31st March 2020

Hello again Reception!

I cannot believe we are at the end of March and going into our 4th month of the year! I am pleased to see so many of you completing the activities on Purple Mash. Since you did so well with the addition to 5, I thought I would set you a challenge of addition to 10. If this goes well, there is a further extension up to 20! I would be really interested to see you making your own mathematical sentences at home, what numbers can you add together?  Can you use your toys to show me? 5 legos + 2 teddies = ?

In class we have our Body Art display that is usually completed once a month to show the progression in children’s drawings of themselves. Since we are not at school at this present time, I thought it would be nice if the children could spend some time drawing a portrait of themselves! Once we return to school we can hang them up on their pegs on display. The children could also try and write a few words describing themselves too!

I would love to complete a project at one stage that the children create a piece of work dedicated to themselves and the people they care about! This could include; making play dough characters of everyone in their family, drawing family members and writing words to describe them (this could also be done on paint either on Purple Mash or Paint on a regular laptop) using a paper plate to create a face and threading some hair through the top, making their houses from old shoe boxes! The opportunities are endless!

Keep strong, stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

Miss Phillips