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Dear Reception,

Thank you once again for sharing all your wonderful work, I am so proud of you all and how grown up you are being working at home. The work you have done focusing on the tricky words is really important. I would like to encourage you all to carry on looking at these by practising to write them and reading them when you see them in stories. This will really help you in Year One.

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at animals and you have all done a fantastic job. Over the next few days I thought it would be nice to explore the habitats that different animals live in. the following video may help you start to find out some information

I would then like you to think about your favourite animal and where it lives. You could then gather natural resources and make a habitat in a box for that animal. Once you have made it you could write some labels for your habitat. It would be lovely for you to bring these into school so we could display them.

Take care, stay safe

Mr P