3rd June 2020

Hello Reception,

It was wonderful to see a few familiar faces in school on Monday and Tuesday! We had a really good couple of days! As stated in my previous blog, I will be setting weekly activities for you to focus on and some for you to continue with if you have been at school. Our timetable for the last couple of days has been;

Early Work; Name practising, letter formation and word practise using our phonics.

Phonics; We recapped all the sounds we have completed in Phase 2 and 3 so far to help us remember (we played Phonics Play – Flash Cards). We then focused on the ‘ai’ sound yesterday and the children practised writing some words too.  

Busy Time and Garden Time! 


Lunch Time and Garden

Maths; On Monday we played Maths Bingo but using Number Facts to find out our numbers, for example, ‘the number I am thinking of is 1 more/1 less than…’ and the children would then shout out the answer and cross off the number if they had one! Tuesday we represented some numbers using blocks and drew them besides the numeral to show our working! Miss Phillips then wrote 1-20 on some multilink and hid them across the classroom for the children to locate, once they found the numbers they would cross them off on the whiteboard! It was a lot of fun!

Busy Time (40 minutes)

We watched some Number Jacks and Number Blocks whilst getting ready for home time. These programmes are very good for the children to learn new number facts – particularly Number Blocks! 

And then the children went home! These activities are a great way to keep the children active and having fun but also remembering all their learning they had completed before the Lockdown. For the first week of returning to a more set routine, I think this will ease the children back into sitting for a longer period of time.

I also asked the children during their busy time to come and do some handwriting practise too, focusing on letters they may struggle with. I also asked the children to practise writing their numbers too making sure we get them round the right way!

So activities to focus on this week; Number Bingo, Representing Numbers and Matching with Numerals, Handwriting and Number Formation Practice, Phonics Play – Flash Cards, Buried Treasure and perhaps asking the children to write a sentence about what they got up to over half term!

As a little fun activity – we also researched what animals were 2m long. We wrote down our animals that we thought might be that long and then checked using google if we were right. The children found this very interesting too! 

Remember, if you have any questions you can always email our class email address. Mr Price and I will keep checking and responding! Please continue to send us pictures of all the work you get up to!

I hope that is all ok and remember please this is only a guideline! Stay Safe!

Miss Phillips 🙂