5th May 2020

Hello Reception!

Apologises for the late blog post! I tried on Friday to upload your wonderful work to our blog page however I think I may have broken the website in the meantime. Whoops!

I’m so pleased to hear the money activities with a range of different shops was a huge success! Keep up the amazing work with this and use it as a role play area. It will be great to continue practising this!

More and more children are practicing their writing too and both Mr Price and I have seen some amazing progress with your writing. You should feel very proud of yourselves. Well done to all you amazing parents for your dedication and sharing the children’s work with us! I have attached some pictures I have seen this week including writing, phonics, shops and progress on your beans!

This week I would love for you to try and sequence your numbers. Can you sequence 1-10, 1-20?! How far can you go!? Could you then try and sequence your money coins? What’s the smallest-biggest? What is worth the most and the least?

Keep up the amazing work, it’s been a real pleasure to see!

Miss Phillips