Friday Tidy!

Hi Reception,

Hope you are all doing well. Today is Friday, remember when we are in school we normally have our ‘Friday Tidy!’ at the end of the day? This is when everything needs to be put away and sorted for the start of the new school week. I think it would be a great idea for you to do the same at home. Help your grown-ups tidy the house, make your beds and put any toys away you are not playing with at the moment.

I thought today it would be nice to share some of the things you are doing at home; Nathan has sent me some pictures, he has made a fish for school and has been busy doing some gardening. Lily has been doing lots of planting and has written a lovely sentence. Please keep sharing what you are up to and if you are happy for me to, I can share them on my blog.

I thought it would be nice for you to make a zoo today, you could use construction toys like Lego or Duplo to make the enclosures and then you could make signs to label the different animals. You could be as creative as you wish!

If your bodies are beginning to ache from the Jo Wicks’ exercise classes, you could slow it down today. Maybe ask your grown-up to find a Cosmic Yoga video on YouTube to complete.

Have a super weekend.

Stay safe,

Mr P.