Morning Reception and Happy May the 4th!!!

Morning Reception and Happy May the 4th!!! (Star Wars Day), today I am going to have a go at making Star Wars biscuits in the shape of Yoda!

I hope you enjoyed looking at ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story last week, this week for your literacy project I would like you to have a go at writing your own story about something that is hungry and the different things it eats each day. Use your imaginations and make it as creative as you like.  you can also make your own illustration/collages to go with it.

For your morning exercise today you could have a go at this cosmic yoga it is all about the hungry caterpillar.

I have included two new videos from Mrs Felstead, today you can learn the ‘er’ phoneme and she has also set you a challenge.

With your maths could you continue to think about money. Maybe you could link it to the hungry caterpillar. Firstly, think about how much each individual piece of fruit will cost and then how much the fruit would cost all together (so if a strawberry cost 2p and the hungry caterpillar eats four of them it would cost 8p altogether).

Thank you for all your amazing pictures you are all doing a fantastic job at home, I have loved seeing all the shops you have created.

Take care

Stay Safe

Mr P