Welcome back

Hi Reception,

Over the past few weeks I hope you have made the most of the lovely weather and spent some time outside where you can. I am really looking forward to seeing some pictures of you Easter Gardens and other things you have been up to.

This half term in school we would have been learning all about different animals and their habitats, later in the term we would have visited a wildlife park. This week I would like you to start finding out about different animals. I would like you to create an animal information book that we can share when we return to school. Each day I would like you to research a different animal, draw me a picture of the animal and write me one or two sentence that tell me something about the animal you have chosen. By the end of the week you should have a book with five or more different animals in it. Be as creative as you like!

Please continue to join in with the Jo Wick PE lessons at least twice a week you can also explore Cosmic Yoga on YouTube.

Later today I will be uploading more Phonics videos from Mrs Felstead, so come back for those. Today you can continue to explore Phonics Play, please focus on games like buried treasure and speed trial.

We will also be setting some more activities on Mathletics for you to explore.

Stay safe.

Mr P