15.5.20- Butterfly Update

Hi everyone,

The way I would describe today is a roller coaster ride! At approximately 9am, we noticed a distinctive change in the colours of the butterflies. We even set up Butterfly watch in the Muncey household!

Whilst I was attending school this morning, we

We knew something exciting was going to happen today but, all of a sudden, one butterfly emerged! In less than 5 minutes, without a sound, a beautiful Painted Lady emerged.

As you can see in the video, the first one emerged unscathed and unnoticed! In the time I ate my lunch, the first butterfly had made its appearance!

The second one took a bit more time. We gave it lots of encouragement but we decided about an hour later that it might need some help. So we asked for some help and my father helped carefully take the remaining chrysalis remnants off his body.

Unfortunately, at this moment the wing is a little crumpled still and we may not be able to release him at the same time as his friends.  We put sugar water on kitchen paper in the enclosure as well as two halves of a satsuma which we have pierced so they can get to the juice.

We still have one more chrysalis to go!