15.6.20- Work for the Week

Good morning everyone,

Can you believe it is Monday again? Here is the work for the week:


Day-1 (175KB)
Day-2 (394KB)
Day-3 (354KB)
Day-4 (323KB)
Day-5 (320KB)



Video Links (45KB)
(Please ignore the date, we are working a week behind the scheme due to half term).

Day 1 (1MB)
Day 2 (1MB)
Day 3 (2MB)
Day 4 (1MB)


For your wider curriculum task, I would like you to pick one of the two options:

a. If you were not in class this week, we finished the Science unit ‘Animals, including Humans’. This is the work we completed in class:

Grouping Animals

Animal Bodies

Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores


b. If you were in class this week, I would like you to investigate your five senses- find 1 smell, touch, taste, sight and sound you do and don’t like. Why? Investigate what happens to our senses if we taste things blindfolded etc.


Have a lovely week,

Miss Muncey