18.5.20- Work for the Week

Hi everyone,

Maths:We are going to have a look at finding halves and quarters. After our work on time, I’m hoping this idea may be more innate. Again, I have listed 5 steps. If a step takes longer than a day, please don’t fret- each child will learn at their own pace.

Step 1- Finding halves.

Watch this video first.

Step 2- Finding halves.

Watch this video first.

Step 3- Finding quarters.

Watch this video first.

Step 4- Finding quarters.

Watch this video first.

Step 5- Problem Solving.


English:Please download one step for each day/ time allotted for English tasks. With the government’s recent announcement regarding the planned opening of schools to Year 1 parents as of 1.6.20 (true as of 14.5.20), I have decided that it would be in the interest of all children to look at sentence work again. We will come back to the Comprehension Canines during school time. If you would like to look at the remaining three, I have included them at the bottom of this blog as an optional extra.

Step 1 (3MB)
Step 2 (732KB)
Step 3 (1MB)
Step 4 (511KB)
Step 5 (371KB)


Victor Vocabulary

Predicting Pip

Suki Sequencing


Wider Curriculum:

Our topic for this term is ‘History of Transport’. The knowledge organisers for History can be found here.

*Please be aware that due to the lockdown, we may not get to cover every target in the Transport topic this term.

This week, we will be looking at these two targets: Identify the features of modern and ‘old’ cars and vehicles and how they work. How do cars with engines differ from newer electric cars?

Key dates for this knowledge:

1770- First steam driven engine was put in a car
1885- Benz Patent Motor wagon was built in Germany
1889- First electric car
1908- First Ford was built by Henry Ford

I would like you to do a comparison of a car from three different centuries: the 19th, 20th and 21st century. What features do each of these cars have? What is the future for cars? Can you draw what you think a car will look like and be able to do in 100 years time? What features do all these cars have in common? If your family owns a car, what features does it have?

Enjoy! Stay safe and be happy,

Miss Muncey