22.3.20- An introduction to home learning.

Good morning!
It is lovely to see the sun shining on this beautiful Sunday morning. I hope that you are finding ways to help your parents at home and still continue with your learning. I was very disappointed that I was not able to see you all on Friday. I hope you had a fun day and enjoyed the activities planned.
I will be writing regular blogs on here and on Purple Mash to update you all on possible activities and links to websites/ apps that you can use to extend your learning. For me, the most important thing for you all to do is to try and read for at least 5 minutes every day and keep recapping your number bonds and phonics sounds. There are many websites who are removing their pay wall to allow students to access exciting learning opportunities for free. Many zoos and museums are providing free webcams/ video footage of their exhibitions. This is now a time to explore your own interests- learning about the world you live in and the history of it. Ask questions (but pick the right time to ask your parents/carers!), use the internet safely to find answers, read books, conduct your own research. Then, when we come back to school, we can share these and spread knowledge.
Stay safe, wash your hands and please help your families around the house,
Miss Muncey