22.4.20- Our new arrivals!

Good afternoon Year One,

Today I am very happy to share some exciting news with you all. We have had a very special delivery of 5 caterpillars! Can you tell me what specie they are? Here they are:

They have settled in well and are part of the family already! Here is a video of them:

Can you think of names for them? We will be picking 5 names on Thursday to give them so I’m looking for a good bunch to choose from! I will be giving you daily updates so keep coming back and checking the blog.

Now is a great time for look at wildlife. This morning, we had a sparrowhawk in our garden and in school yesterday we saw a beefly and a cutworm (burrowing caterpillar that normally turns into a moth).

I hope you are as excited as we are,

Miss Muncey