24.3.20- What a school day looks like in Year One

Good Morning (again!),

I’m so grateful for the sunshine and warm weather today. Although times are hard, it has been made a little easier by having a Spring breeze coming in through the window. My current plan for these blogs is to build a range of ideas that you can use at home, rather than prescribe a timetable as I know each of your children are different. I have included below a rough timetable for an average day in Year 1. Each day, I will focus on a different area and will give you suggested activities, links to websites and a background to what we have covered in class.

A Typical Day in Year One

9.00- Collective Worship. Although we could not meet for the last week in school, we still continued to develop and enhance our understanding of Christianity and the Bible. There are many YouTube videos bringing these stories to life. “The Beginners Bible” is an animated series suitable for Reception, Year 1 and 2. “Veggie Tales” can be found on Netflix and YouTube. It is an American program that retells Christian values and stories in a comedic way. Continuing to share our current value of ‘Forgiveness’ will be helpful to the children as they navigate through this time. We try and relate this back to the teachings of Jesus, to encourage children to connect these stories to their lives.

9.30- Phonics. I will be writing a post today to give you all ideas to continue recapping and securing sounds. We would recommend ensuring that the children have some access to Phonics each day for between 5-20 minutes.

9.50-10.40- English. Please look at Purple Mash for ideas for writing. I have tried to set different, fun tasks that can be used to encourage the children to practice writing skills. Many people are keeping a diary of their time in isolation to share with future generations. This could be a fun activity that the children can partake in- a time capsule of sorts. This doesn’t need to include pages and pages of writing (although it can be, if your child wishes to!) and your child doesn’t need to be writing for 50 minutes a day. Instead, frequent (daily, if possible) writing opportunities with a focus on: capital letters, full stops and finger spaces will keep key skills in the forefront of the mind. In class, we were just beginning to write our own traditional tales based on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children had planned which animals they wanted as their main characters, the houses that they would build and mapped out the main parts of the story. This could still be written at home and shared with me via my e-mail address. I would love to hear from you all!

10.40- 11.00- Physical exercise break. We have regular, short intervals of ‘Brain Gym’. We use internet videos like Cosmic Kids and GoNoodle to wake our brains up (every hour or so).

11.00-12.00- Maths. I will continue to blog some more ideas involving Mathematics this week.

12.10-1.15- Lunch.

1.15-2.15- History, Geography, Science, PE, RE, DT and Library time.

2.15- 2.45- Guided Reading/ Spellings. Please continue to look at the Key Spellings list that went home at the beginning of the academic year. If you cannot locate your paper, these can be found as a link on the Year One page. Please also read with your child every day. We have made such fantastic progress with reading this year and have made a big effort to ensure most children are heard every day. In order to not lose this momentum, please continue this at home.

2.45- 3.00- Show and Tell/ Snack Time/ Story Time. Sharing stories is a different, and just as important, time to hearing your child read. Audible are releasing free audiobooks that all children can access.

3.10- Home time.

I am not asking anyone to home school their child for 6 hours a day, however, elements of all these lessons can be included in a way that meets both yours, and your child’s needs. Please remember to explore the links that I have posted on previous blogs.

Also, please feel free to contact me via the e-mail address that can be found on the letter sent home last week. I will reply to any queries,  photos of works etc, as quickly as I can.

Enjoy your day,

Miss Muncey.