26.3.20- Today’s Photo Challenge

Good morning Year One!

I am so happy to see you starting to e-mail in your pictures and replying to blog posts on Purple Mash. Today, I am setting you a Photo challenge that will encourage you to use aspects of Art, Science, Computing and English.

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden, admiring the flowers as they start to bloom and seeing the insects visiting these beautiful creations. I felt inspired to take some photographs to show you:


Can you spot the visiting bee who is collecting pollen and nectar?

If you can, and would like to, have a look in your garden or surrounding area. Take a picture of a colourful flower or a plant that you enjoy looking at. Maybe it is spiky or smooth? Has it got colourful petals or shiny leaves? What shape are the leaves? Is it tall or short? Once you have photographed it, can you identify what plant it is? Your parents and carers may already know but if, like me, you aren’t as familiar with a wide range of flowers and plants you can use many apps and websites to help you.

GardenAnswers is a particularly helpful app but if not, the woodland trust website is a reliable website.

When you have photographed your plant and identified it, you can research which insects will visit the plant. Do they lay eggs on it? Do they eat the leaves? Do they help with pollination? You could also think of some adjectives to describe the plant as well.

Once you have done this, you can send me your finished work at: year1@standrews323.herts.sch.uk or send me a blog post reply on Purple Mash. I can then publish some of them on tomorrow’s blog.

Get snapping!

Miss Muncey