27.3.20- Moving and Computing!

Good afternoon Year One,

Just a quick reminder that Purple Mash has many additional activities bar the ones I set. I have set a Air Traffic Control coding task for you to take a look at sometime. I would like you all to have a go. You may need an adult to help you to begin with but I’m sure you will pick it up very soon.

In addition to this, I would like to make you aware of some new challenges set by the Herts & Ware Sports Consortium. Each week, they will set a challenge, a skill, an outdoor activity, a movement dance activity (from Hannah at Imagination Arts), a quiz and a website of the week. These can be accessed here:


Enjoy exploring these links if you so wish. You can send pictures of how you have responded to these activities via my e-mail address provided on previous blogs. Thank you for the kind responses to my Story Time video, I will record another one very soon for you to enjoy at home.

See you soon and stay safe,

Miss Muncey