27.3.20- Today’s Challenge!

Good morning Year One!

I hope you are having a lovely day so far and you have got wonderful plans to fill it. Yesterday, I went for a walk down the river and saw a grass snake! I wish I had taken a picture for all of you to see but it moved so quickly and I was scared I would frighten it by getting too close. I wonder if you have seen anything interesting in your gardens and local area? You will be surprised by what you will find when you just stop and take a look.

This got me thinking… I wonder where that snake was going? He was very quick and moved by slithering his body around in an ‘S’ shape. I wonder if he was on a mission. In our work on ‘Traditional Tales’, we have studied how many animals in stories talk. I wonder what he would say…Could you write a short story about the grass snake? Could he be on his way to save another creature? Could he be a forgetful snake? It would be lovely if you could pick an animal that you’ve seen in your garden- be that a bee, a bird or maybe, like me, a grass snake- and write a short story about it. You can send them to me on my e-mail address: year1@standrews323.herts.sch.uk or post it as a blog post on PurpleMash. Thank you to everyone who has so far got in contact, it has been lovely to hear from you!

Please, don’t forget to send in more pictures of your plants! Also, please keep going with your Maths, have a look at the links posted on Wednesday to give you more ideas about counting in 2, 5 and 10’s. Next week, we will be recapping money and word problems.

Have a good day,

Miss Muncey