29.6.20- Work for the Week

Hi everyone,

Please find below the work for the week:


Lesson-1 (1,011KB)
Lesson-2 (996KB)
Lesson-3 (1MB)
Lesson-4 (1,011KB)

In addition to this, I am sharing this blog post, written by the Mathematics team at Herts for Learning. It details six games that could be played at home using minimal equipment. These will be especially good for the days where you might find a little reluctance to complete work- and the children will still be learning:

Click here to read the blog post.

And if you are after just one more challenge:

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Day1 (180KB)
Day2 (219KB)
Day3 (484KB)
Day4 (387KB)
Day5 (307KB)



Video to support ay sound teaching:

On Phonics Play, please look at Phase 5b, ai/ay alternative spellings games.


For your wider curriculum task this week, I would like you explore aeroplanes- the paper kind! Experiment with different styles of aeroplanes and investigate if different size aeroplanes, different thicknesses of paper, different throwing styles have an impact on the amount of distance your paper aeroplane travels. Then, investigate how air travel has changed. What did the first aeroplane look like? What do you think an aeroplane in the future would look like?

A fun extra…

I would like you to have a go at one of these experiments listed below. Please explore the James Dyson Foundation website. They are full of fun, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities. Send me a picture of how you get on- you may appear on this blog, or even on the newsletter!

Click here to visit the website.