3.2.20- Learning Task Update for Easter

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to clarify that there will not be daily learning tasks over the Easter holiday. I value this time for you to spend with you children, enjoying your time together. However, I would like to just take this as an opportunity to say that daily reading and Phonics is extremely important for your child, as is recapping number bonds, addition and subtraction. Just 10 minutes each day on each of these areas (30 minutes altogether) will have a huge impact on your child’s overall education.

I have decided to set one project for the whole of the holiday period. This project can be as big as you wish and you can dedicate as much time to it as you feel is necessary and right for your family. I would like you to investigate two Easter tradition in the UK. Are these traditions religious or not? One of these traditions should be linked to the Easter story. You could present this however you feel is is right for your child. You could take pictures and annotate them, present it in a PowerPoint, record it in a video etc. These can be sent to me on my e-mail address.

I will try to upload Story Times as often as I can!

Have a very happy Easter,

Miss Muncey