30.3.20- Maths and English Update

Good afternoon Year One,

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’ve been enjoying reading the e-mails you’ve been sending me. It looks like you have all been working hard. Remember, this is a unique time in your education. You have the freedom to explore things that interest you and learn about the world around you. I would just like to suggest that every day you spend at least 10 minutes reading and you do a Maths and English task a day. Be that a little Phonics, writing, number bonds etc.

This week’s focus in Maths is money. We spent a bit of time on money about three weeks ago so this is just to keep that learning fresh in your mind. I have set you 5 learning tasks, one for each day:


  • How many of each coins are needed to make £1? Can you work it out? Can you stack enough coins to show what £1 looks like? You don’t have to use coins for this, anything would work to show scale.
  • Mathletics tasks.
  • Who has the most money? Twinkl task
  • Money Bags Nrich Task
  • Make your own shop. Write tags for the shop and practice giving change.



  • Plurals- Recap what a plural is (more than one). How many plurals can you find in your house (ie beans, coats etc). Look at the endings and group them.
  • Complete a Purple Mash task- writing a story.
  • Complete a diary entry based on the weather, what you have been doing etc.
  • Write a book review based on a book you have read this week.
  • Put on a short play based on a book you have read this week.


Please remember, Phonics and reading are crucial for our children and daily input is required. PhonicsPlay and Twinkl can support with these as well as previous blogs. I will try to record another Story Time later today, ready for this evening or tomorrow.

Keep safe, I am missing your faces lots!