31.3.20- Life Skills

Good afternoon everyone,

Today, I thought I would share some ideas for ‘additional’ learning activities should you require it. Like I’ve blogged about before, this is a unique time for our children and could be used to learn additional life skills that will benefit them in their lives. Here is a list of 5 age appropriate life skills that the children could practice:

  1. Learn how to tie your shoe laces. I know this can be a painful process but it is something we all need to learn to do! A cardboard or paper shoe outline can be cut out two holes punctured through. A lace can be threaded through and practised on or, failing that, a real shoe will work just fine!
  2. Use a knife and fork correctly. Again, I know that this can be messy and slow down meal times but it is vitally important and is expected at school.
  3. Learn how to make yourself a cold drink. This will need adult supervision to start with but is a really important life lesson and will help with estimation and capacity.
  4. Know your address and an emergency phone number of by heart. You never know when a child will need to know this. It is always worth practising and reminding them of what to do should they become lost or separated from an adult they know.
  5. Make your own bed properly. Now I’m not expecting the children to be able to put fresh linen on their bed but they should be able to make their bed (tucking in their duvet, folding back their duvet, fluffing up their pillows, organising their teddies etc).


Hopefully this list will help you as parents and carers too!

Miss Muncey