4.5.20- Work for the Week

Good Morning,

Thank you to those I spoke personally to last week. It was lovely to hear how you got on and what you had been getting up to. Like I said to many of you, please do not feel pressurised by the work set. You can pick and choose what works for you and your family. This work is set as a guidance- a resource to help you if you need it.

This week, in Mathematics, we are going to be consolidating our work on sharing in groups. Please pick one task a day (or when it is feasibly possible for you).

  • Use Lego (or similar) like this video below:
  • Find things in your house you can share into groups (food always makes it fun!)
  • Challenge yourself with this puzzle:
  • Quick fire division- How many ‘sharing’ questions can you answer in a minute (6 shared between 2 etc.)

Don’t forget to keep those number bonds, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and odd and even ticking over!


In English, I would like you to research a minibeast of your choice and make a short non-fiction book about it. Your book will need: a contents page, a glossary, an index page, at least 2 pages of text and a front and back cover.

For your wider curriculum task, I would like you to think about our RE topic: ‘Special Places’. Can you think about places that are special to you? Try to think of significant places, maybe places with special memories for you? Then, I would like you to think about either a Church or a Mosque (as we have studied both Christianity and Islam this year). You can either:

  • Create a floor plan for one of these places (using Lego, drawing on paper, using Purple Mash etc.) labelling the key features and why they are in this special place.
  • Create a leaflet for a visitor to a mosque or church. Include pictures and drawings of these special places and why they are special.

Keep sending me pictures and videos of your work. I am so proud of how maturely you have handled this situation.

Miss Muncey