5.5.20- Caterpillar Update

Hi everyone,

Please click on the photos to enlarge.

So we have had a roller coaster ride with our caterpillars in the last 48 hours. The pictures above were taken yesterday when we began to see some movement in turning to chrysalids. However, this excitement was short lived. They weren’t attaching properly and kept readjusting themselves. In addition to this, the caterpillar pictured above was moving around a lot.

Above are pictures from yesterday evening. Here you can see three caterpillars exploring the top. I tried to film what I could but nothing was happening and I could tell they weren’t ready to change yet.

This morning, I awoke to this! Unfortunately, two of the caterpillars will not changed into butterflies. One caterpillar did not attach properly and so disconnected from the paper at the top and one just didn’t make it to the top. As hard as it is that we won’t have all 5 caterpillars changing this year, we will hopefully have three beautiful butterflies. This was taken this morning. On the right, you can see the different stages. The chrysalis on the left is far more developed than the chrysalis on the right. Eventually, we hope all three will look like this.

Keep checking the blog for more updates!

Miss Muncey