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Hi everyone,

Please find below the work for the week:


In addition to this, I am sharing a game called ‘Clock Patience’, which has been demonstrated by a member of the HfL Maths team. I think it could be played by any primary age child and is a fantastic way of remembering the hours and minutes that a clock face shows:

And if you are after just one more challenge:

Click to enlarge.




Video to support oa sound teaching:

On Phonics Play, please look at Phase 5b, oa alternative spellings games.

For your wider curriculum task this week, I would like you to learn what an island is. You might be surprised by what your child thinks an island is. They may not recognise that an island is a land mass completely surrounded by water but the size of the land is important. Once they have done this, I would like them to design their own island and create a map for it. To develop map skills, have a look at a local OS map and look at the symbols used. Can you include any of these on your map?

A fun extra…

Sports in Hertfordshire have set up a virtual pentathlon. The events can be found here: https://sportinherts.org.uk/app/uploads/2020/06/Virtual-Pentathlon.pdf


Have a good week,

Miss Muncey