8.6.20- Work for the Week

Hi everyone,

Here is the work for week. Thank you to those people who have sent me pictures and recordings over the last few weeks. Please feel free to share with me any work or news, it is so lovely to hear from you all!

To open the videos, right click on the link and open in a new window. That will take you to the video directly. If that doesn’t work, I please open this document with the links on but please ignore the date on the pdf as I cannot change it to the correct date and I have changed the order of the weeks to match the needs of our children:


Step 1

Video 1

Step 2

Video 2

Step 3

Video 3

Step 4

Video 4



Day 1 (1MB)
Day 2 (775KB)
Day 3 (440KB)
Day 4 (2MB)
Day 5 (2MB)


Wider Curriculum Task:

This week, I would like you to find out who George Stephenson was and why he is famous. I am not asking for your research to be presented in any way in particular- just have fun and send me a picture, video or a piece of work of what you find out!


Have a lovely week,


Miss Muncey