4.5.2020 Summer Week 3 Home Learning

I know I’m posting this very early, however I wanted to upload them now so you could have at a look at them in advance! I have again got an English activity for each day and also a maths one. There is an RE activity for you to have a go at too.  I am adding a maths powerpoint with some questions revising past maths unit.

English Task 1 – Please read pages 17-20 of the Romulus and Remus story. Add the correct punctuation to turn the dialogue in to speech using speech marks, capital letters and full stops. The sheet to write it on is provided.  A teaching powerpoint is provided too.

Romulus and Remus Story

Punctuating Dialogue

Puctuating Speech Powerpoint

English Task 2

Read one of the two version of the Oak Tree story below, and answer the comprehension questions.

Roman Myth Story and Questions

English Task 3

Re-write the Oak Tree story from the point of view of one of the characters -you will need to consider using the first person ‘I’ and rearranging the text to it makes sense in the first person. Challenge: use some more interesting vocabulary for effect.

English Task 4

Write a letter to a person of your choice explaining the events of the Oak Tree story. This will be written in the 3rd person. You will need to write this in the format of a letter with an address and information separated in to paragraphs. If you can, add some punctuated dialogue/direct speech in.


I want you to have a look at telling the time this week.






Year-3-Summer-Block Revision Powerpoint



Read the story out loud with expression and raise questions about the language used to describe the Holy Spirit. Encourage children to raise questions of their own about the meaning of the story/words.

Provide children with half of the picture in the link below and ask them to draw what they think the rest of it should look like. They should then compare their drawing to the rest of the picture. How different or similar is your drawing to the one in the picture? Explain how. How has the artist expressed how the disciples are feeling? Explain your answer.        https://www.artbible.info/bible/acts/2.html