Home Learning 15th June

Hello Year 3

I hope you have had a good weekend! Here is another week’s work. We miss you lots and hope to have you back really soon.


Lesson 1 Convert pounds and pence 2019

Lesson 2 Add money 2019

Lesson 3 Subtract money 2019

Lesson 4 The 3 times-table 2019

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Adverbs with audio

Dialogue with audio

Year 3 Week 9 Day 1

Year 3 Week 9 Day 2

Year 3 Week 9 Day 3

Year 3 Week 9 Day 4

Year 3 Week 9 Day 5


At the moment, the classes that have returned to school are learning about a specific Island. Miss Hayes and I have chosen a choice of 2 islands; one of the Hawaiin Islands or Ometepe Island (in Nicaragua). Both are volcanic islands which fits in nicely with our previous topic. I would like it if you could find out about the culture, location, climate, tourism and the animals of one of these islands. You can present it in any way you like. Please send in the photos.

Miss King and Miss Hayes