Finished Home Learning

Here are some fabulous examples of all the wonderful things you’ve been getting up to at home. It was lovely to speak some of you this week and I will hopefully be able to speak to more of you soon.

Thank you for you hard work at home, even if it is trickier to do without being in the classroom. Its been lovely to hear about the quiz some of you have been doing over zoom, and that you are still in contact with each other.

A special thank you to Ruby, Madison, Jacob, Ruben, Etienne, Maya, and Kai this week for their pictorial contributions! Well done to the rest of you that have also been doing some lovely things like baking and cooking. Keep sending them in 🙂

Kai’s Ganymede Storyboard

Jacob’s weapon’s leaflet

Ruben’s Home Learning Document

Ruby’s Chalk drawing Maya’s spelling

Etienne’s Roman Shield and Leaflet