Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March – Home Learning

Dear Year 3,

Correcting Sentences 23.3.2020

King Arthur Lesson Plan 24.3.2020

King Arthur Planning 23.3.2020

King Arthur Planning 25.3.2020

King Arthur Planning 26.3.2020

Literacy Teaching RESOURCES 23.2.2020 – 26.3.2020

Fraction Resources 23.3.2020-34.3.2020

Fractions Planning 23.3.2020 and 24.3.2020

Fractions Teaching Powerpoint 23.3.2020 and 24.3.2020

Hindu Gods Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity



PLANTS SESSION 2 POWERPOINT 1LKS2_Science_Y3_Summer1_Roots_and_Shoots_Session2 24.3.2020 PLANNINGLKS2_Science_Y3_Roots_and_Shoots_Session1 23.3.2020LKS2_Science_Y3 Roots_and_Shoots_Session1 TEACHING RESOURCES 23.3.2020LKS2_Science Y3Roots_and_Shoots_Session2_ TEACHING RESOURCES 24.3.2020

Attached is the home learning for the next 2 days. This includes comprehension, sentence structure work, English, Maths and Science. The English resources are for the rest of the King Arthur unit (until Thursday).  Please do not become overwhelmed by the volume of documents – this is just to make it as easy as possible for you to access what the children would have been doing in school. The science activities might be difficult to do at home as they include practical tasks however it provides an idea of what they should be learning about. Should you have any questions, please contact me via the Class Dojo app.  The children can send pictures of their work to me there and I can provide feedback.

Please take full advantage of the suggested websites given to you in addition to Matheltics and purple mash.

Good Luck!

Miss King