Summer Week 6 Home Learning

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure you have all had a lovely week enjoying the sun – I definitely have been!

Anyway, on to another half term, month and set of learning. For English this week, I’ve set another home learning pack. For Maths, I would like the children to refine their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. This involves a mix of word problems, and some straight sums – it may seem a little tedious but its important to recap. I have also assigned some problem solving activities on Mathletics, so please have a go at those too.

It would be great if you could fill in your blue spelling book that you took home before school closed, and continue with all the fabulous reading you have been doing.

If you would like any additional work, please send me an email and I can help with that. Any work you would like to share can also be sent to


Day 1

My Really Hard Maths Booklet – Day 2-5

Additional Optional Activities





Year 3 Week 5 Day 1

Year 3 Week 5 Day 2

Year 3 Week 5 Day 3

Year 3 Week 5 Day 4

Year 3 Week 5 Day 5

Dialogue Powerpoint with audio


This week I want you to learn about Roman Roads. They are a very important part of what the Romans left behind, and it is very interesting. Below are the resources needed and the explanation of what to do, in addition to some useful websites.

Teaching Instructions

Roman Road Prompt Sheet

Roman Roads and Maps Powerpoint

Outline of England Map