Thursday 26th March Home Learning

Good Morning,

Today I would like you to do the following tasks.

9am – PE with Joe Wick

9.30 – Comparing and Ordering Fractions Step 2 (this involves 2 very quick worksheets and a game)




11.00 – Comprehension (there are 3 different ability levels for this so I will let you choose)

Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

12.00 – Purple Mash and Mathletics Activities

12.30 – Have some food and play outside if you can

1.30 – Plan and set up a science investigation on plants – you will need to carry this out over a few weeks. The instructions are attached. I would love you to send me pictures and create tables/graph for your data.

Growing Your Own Plants Investigation – Resources.

Growing your own plants Investigation!

3.00 – Go out for a run/jog/walk the dog

Try a puzzle, read a book to an adult, watch an exciting documentary.