Victorian school…answers

A Victorian classroom – answers

  • Some Victorian schools were called Ragged Schools because the children were poor and their clothes were worn out and ragged.
  • Boys and girls were generally separated and had their own entrance and separate playground. In some smaller schools, boys and girls would be taught in the same classroom, but they would have to sit separately.
  • In Victorian times the teacher would use a cane to punish naughty children. Children might be punished for being rude, answering back, speaking out of turn, poor work or anything that displeased their teacher! Other punishments included being given lines – repeatedly copying words or sentences over and over again. Sometimes children were made to wear a pointed hat with a letter ‘D’ on it called a dunce’s hat. Even left handed children were punished and were made to use their right hand.
  • Teachers would use a blackboard so children could copy information. Children started to learn to write using a slate (which is a small blackboard) and they wrote on it with a sharp piece of slate called a slate pencil. Older children would write on paper and use a pen dipped in ink. Victorian children would use an abacus to help them with their maths.
  • At playtime Victorian children could play with hoops, skipping ropes and marbles. They also had games of tag, hopscotch and football (although it was made with an inflated pig’s bladder!)


Mrs Thomas