Easter project

Hello Year 4,

The Easter holidays are now upon us and I truly believe that you all deserve a good rest. I would like you to spend the next two weeks enjoying valuable family time at home.

As a school, we have decided to set an Easter project for each class. It is designed to be something that you can visit at your leisure and add to every now and then over the next two weeks. For the project, I would like you to produce a story board cartoon for the Easter story  (similar to the ones you completed for ’The Shaman’s apprentice’ and ‘The Iron Man’).

Remember to include the main events from the Easter story. You could use our Easter play script as a guide to help you. Try to make the storyboard as colourful and detailed as you can.

I will be keeping all of the Mathletics and Purple Mash activities open but don’t feel that you have to complete them all over the break. However, I would like you to complete as much Easter reading as you can. This could be a magazine, internet article or story book. Finally, look out for the next parts of George’s Marvellous Medicine as I will be uploading some more this week.

Enjoy the break.

Mr Chesterman