Island project

Hello Year 4,

Every group or ‘island’ in our school has been given a real island to study. This week we would like you to complete a project researching all about your ‘island’.

If you are in the Mon/Tues group then you are studying The Greek islands.

If you are in school on Thursday/Friday you are researching Madagascar.

This week we would you to start researching your island and creating a fact file booklet of information.

Here are some ideas of areas that you could research about…

Location of the island







National dress

Currency (what is the money called)

Things the island does to make money e.g. tourism, natural resources?

Travel – how long does it take to get there from the UK?

Tallest mountain/longest river



Famous people

What activities can you do on the island?

Your booklet could include a decorated front cover, different pages with different areas you have researched on each page, headings, subheadings, drawings, captions, facts, diagrams, a contents page etc.

Here are some websites to help start you off…

Greek islands