Map skills – planning a route

Have a look at the map. It’s a map of a place called Portmeirion in Wales.

A day out in Wales map

Imagine you arrive at Boston Lodge station (the pink dot shows a station on an OS map) -I have marked it with a blue star.

Imagine you are going for a hike around the coast to the picnic site in Portmeirion (the picnic site is marked with a blue table on as OS map) – I have marked it with a yellow star.

I would like you to write about your route and what you would pass on your journey.

Remember to give information about what is around you on your route as well as directions,

For example,

I left the station and went south, following the path towards the sea. In front of me I could see marshland. Then I headed south west towards the caves at Trwynypenrhyn….

Mrs Thomas